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Fabric/Yarn Count Balance

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To determine count of yarn is a process which is an easy task but once the fabric is made and during the process of weaving/bleaching/dyeing etc. the yarn count decreases/increases. Hence to determine count ‘HIROSHIMA’ BEESLEY BALANCE helps to determine yarn count of fabrics.


It comprises of a balance in which it is provided with a pointer which on one side corresponds to a datum line and the other side is provided with a hook/hanger where the specimen is hanged. In the middle of the pointer there is a small notch provided where either small or large hook-weight is to be


placed. On the placement of the hook-weight in the notch, the pointer would fall in a downward position from the datum line. Place the yarn one by one after cutting it according to the template provided till it corresponds to the datum line and the No. of yarns would give the Fabric Yarn Count.

This is the easiest and the most economical method to determine the fabric yarn count by “HIROSHIMA” Beesley Balance.




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